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Omglol! I almost spit out my food!

Overheard @ lunch today:

"Would you like us to toss your salad for you?"

"No thanks. I'll do it myself."

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"On the TV show, what does M.A.S.H. stand for?"

"Mansion, Apartment, Shack and House"

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Happy holidays!

Hope y'all are doing well and that you're having a great holiday. If you remember a few years ago, we did Christmas at the Denny's on First Street @ 101. Stan and I are going to try and get people together again tonight at 9:30. If you're around and want to share some Christmas cheer, drop by and say hi!

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For those of you not on Facebook, I am gonna be down in SJ this Thursday to gather with new and old friends and celebrate my 34th birthday at King of Clubs Bar. Not sure who still goes to karaoke, but I hope to see you there.

Take care, my friends.


First mobile posting...

So, here's my blonde moment of the week: I'm out of staples, so I go to the supply cabinet and I see a box that says "staples" on it, so I grab it and bring it back to my desk. I open the box...and it's got paper clips in it. I was like WTH...until I realized they were the Staples brand of paper clips. Mind you, this was after coffee!

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I'm fine. Just been pretty busy and caught up in lots of stuff. Write more soon.


What are the good/bad points of making my journal "Friends Only?"

Guess who's an uncle again!

My older sister gave birth to her second daughter Sophia Catherine this afternoon. I'll post pics when I can take some.


Remembering the quake...

I was at school playing tennis with Clara and Annie when the ground started to shake. I felt so dizzy that I had to sit down. It was pretty scary. A bunch of us walked up to the swimming pool and saw that the quake shook at least half of the water out. Pretty strong quake.

I went home and made phone calls to make sure everyone was okay.

What were you doing when the earthquake hit on October 17, 1989?

The what?

I pass by this on the way home almost every day. Sorry about the poor quality, but I was on my scooter taking the picture with my phone.

I don't know what this place is all about, but...it sounds...dirty.